Since 1934 a number of different Wild Mouse roller-coasters have been present at Oktoberfest. Also the current incarnation makes children’s eyes sparkle.

Generations of children in Munich have had their first roller-coaster experience with the Wild Mouse, which is why it's one of the most popular attractions. The history of this type of roller-coaster even started at the Oktoberfest. In 1934, Franz Xaver Heinrich introduced the Teufelskutsche (Devil’s Carriage) to the Wiesn. The current incarnation has been around since 1994 and, of course, remains true to the original principle: In contradiction to other rides, it makes the usually to be prevented lateral accelerations a virtue and drives its wagons through narrow, unbanked turns.

But this family-appropriate ride is not only exceptionally popular with children. The former mayor of Munich, Christian Ude, made himself a name as the most famous Wilde-Maus-enthusiast and hereby became something like the roller-coaster’s mascot.

The Wilde Maus is not only popular with children of Munich, it even is one itself. It was designed by the legendary Dr. Werner Stengel, built by Maurer Söhne, run by Renate and Peter Münch and, of course, also premiered at the Oktoberfest.