For many, an Oktoberfest visit without the „Devil’s Wheel“ is unimaginable. Watching its participants facing centrifugal challenges, is just too much fun.

The “Devil’s Wheel” has been one of the most beloved attractions for decades now. The reason is of physical nature: Surrounded by stands, a horizontally spinning disc challenges participants to set free sufficient centripetal forces in order to stay on that disc and win the round.

The main reason, this spectacle from a long-gone time has been surviving the last 100 years, are the skills of the commentator, today Wiggerl Kugler, who interprets the efforts of the contestants on the disk. He also calls out the demography to enter the disc, e.g., all couples, females, children under 12 or the like. As a spectator, you may witness this magnificent spectacle as long as you like.

Today’s Teufelsrad has been acquired by the Feldl family after World War II and passed over to Elisabeth Polaczy and Veronika Kugler after the death of Betty Feldl. It was first introduced to the Oktoberfest by showmen legend Carl Gabriel in 1908. The novelty turned out to be such a success, that several copies followed, but only the original Teufelsrad survived.