Parkour is a carousel that resembles the classic Polyp a lot.

The carousel, which has been an Oktoberfest staple since 2009 and today resembles a Polyp with over-shoulder restraints and floorless gondolas, has quite a history. When it premiered at the Oktoberfest in 1997, it was called Sound Factory and was the first incarnation of a Schwarzkopf Absoluter.

The remarkably lit carousel with the cola can in the center had inverting gondolas back then. However, the ride wasn't a big success due to the discomfort it caused and had structural issues. Therefore, it was stored after the Oktoberfest 2000 and didn't return before being redone by Gerstlauer in 2009.

Since then, the gondolas don't go upside down anymore. Unfortunately, its experience is still rough compared to other Polyp-style rides.