The characteristic Oktoberfest Ferris Wheel has turned into a landmark since its inauguration in 1979. And this is not completely unearned.

Surprisingly for Oktoberfest standards, the large Ferris wheel is by far not the tallest, not even the tallest of its owners, the Willenborg family. But in the eyes of many, it’s the most beautiful one and it doesn’t seem surprising, that the 1979-built attraction is one of the most photographed motives of the Oktoberfest. But people not only like photos of, but also from the wheel, as you have a magnificent view from a height of 50 meters. Given that the weather is fine, you can see the alps from there in the daytime. But the queues are usually even longer in the evening when you’re able to witness the illuminated Oktoberfest in all its glory.

The history of Ferris wheels at the Oktoberfest is closely tied to the Willenborg family. In fact, until 1960, when they introduced the first big steel wheel to the Oktoberfest, the little Russenrad was the tallest Ferris wheel there.