The impressively large and plastic façade houses the third incarnation of the largest transportable indoor-roller-coaster of the world.

The largest transportable indoor-roller-coaster of the word looks truly exposing. It features a mine-train theming on the outside and a number of light effects on the inside, which are shy of providing a comprehensible connection to the sketchy overall theming. The “Hell Flash” tries to make sure, riders won’t pay attention anyway: The train not only rides through the dark, its gondolas also rotate freely.

The Höllenblitz has been at the Oktoberfest since 2007. The roller-coaster itself, however, was built in 1992. Back then Gerstlauer built “Magic Mountain” for the Renoldi family. In 1998 they transformed that original King Kong inspired design to Star War… err World. The track has always remained unchanged and doesn’t offer the smoothest imaginable experience.