The giant carousel not only leaves a powerful impression on its observers, but also on its riders - in a height of 30 meters and with lots of acceleration.

The ride was sold to Spain and therefore won't return.

With a height of 30 meters and its extraordinarily massive appearance, has a size which is only rarely seen anymore at Bavarian fairgrounds. The main arm rotates vertically like a swing, only at a constant speed, while the gondolas, which are arranged in a star shape, both rotate horizontally around the star’s center and vertically around their own axis. This way, the unforeseeable ride makes sure that its riders lose their orientation three-dimensionally.

After all, that doesn’t only look spectacular; it also feels like it. Although being a pretty intense thrill ride, it still is pretty comfortable as the vertical main rotation reduces unpleasant lateral acceleration in comparison to the otherwise similar Skater.