The tallest travelling free fall tower is coming to the Oktoberfest in 2022.

The Schneiders premiered their new Heidi - The Coaster at the Oktoberfest 2019. This year, the spinning coaster will already not return to the Oktoberfest, as Hangover - The Tower is supposed to charm the Oktoberfest visitors instead. Ewald Schneider already has many years of Oktoberfest experience with another tower - Power Tower 2, which got retired in 2019.

Hangover is built by the Austrian manufacturer Funtime, just like the well-known Skyfall. Offering a similar experience, the gondola will first be elevated to the top of the tower, which is even five meters higher than Skyfall's. It's then detached from the lift, falling into the magnetic breaks. Thanks to the spinning gondola, every seat is offered a similarly good view.