The giant ghost train is new at Oktoberfest 2017.

The 2013-redesigned Odyssee has been a pleasant variation in terms of dark ride themes at Oktoberfest for the last couple of years. It was the only one, which didn’t have a ghost train theme. In 2017, this intermezzo will already come to an end. The ride, which first opened as “Monsterbrut” in 1982, goes back to its roots and will again try allure riders as a ghost train.

The façade is yet again impressively large, plastic and lively. An animated ghost, which resides in it, is also quite impressive. Unfortunately, this may also be the best effect in the whole ride, and you may not even recognize it while riding. Geisterpalast has the largest base of all transportable ghost trains in the world, which allows it to be almost twice as long as most other rides of this kind. If you like those, Geisterpalast sure is worth a visit.