187th Munich Oktoberfest

09/17/2022 - 10/03/2022


"The Oktoberfest will take place"

"The Oktoberfest will take place": COO Baumgartner presents the novelties 2022.
The empty Augustiner tent

Reservations at Augustiner tent

Augustiner tent offering reservations to non-regulars.

Reservations for Winzerer Fähndl

Paulaner-Festzelt is now also accepting reservation requests for 2022.

Confirmed: Oktoberfest will take place in 2022

The 187th Munich Oktoberfest is finally set to take place in 2022.

Reservations for Festzelt Tradition

Festzelt Tradition is offering reservations for all days and times.
The Fischer-Vroni

Reservations for Fischer-Vroni

Fischer-Vroni started accepting reservations for the Oktoberfest 2022 on March 30.